Tigran Muradian learned the trade of fine jewelry making in his native country Armenia at the age of 18. He attended a specialized art school in Armenia to learn engraving and the trade of handcrafting jewelry. His dedication and love for his profession unfolded into artistic creations of fine detailed jewelry.

In 1992, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tigran and his wife Hasmik immigrated to the United States with nothing other than some of Tigran’s creations. They moved to this country not knowing the language or culture, but soon found out that Tigran’s special gift of jewelry making would offer his family the foundation for a new life.

It had always been Tigran’s dream to open his own jewelry store. After working over thirty years in the jewelry industry, to support his family, Tigran & his wife Hasmik found the perfect location in the beautiful town of Littleton, New Hampshire where he could open a store and pursue this dream.

Each of Tigran’s jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind, made from melted gold or silver that is crafted into a finished work of art. He also repairs jewelry and creates unique pieces of jewelry from already treasured heirlooms.

Handmade jewelry of exceptional quality